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"9.03 = Fighting about the leg"

"10.03 = Fighting about the cheating"

"11.03 = Fighting about having a new baby"

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Hello darlings!


My new website is up and running. From what I’ve heard from a lot of you, there is a strong desire for a searchable index of my recipes - we’ve worked very hard to create a beautiful site that features just that! Of course, there’s lots of other content as well.


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I do everything for you, because I love you.

Calliope Torres

Such simple yet powerful words that hit you right where its gonna hurt bad.

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And I’ll never agree with “Arizona came back for Callie”. Arizona wanted to be with Callie, Seattle is where she left her. She loved her and wanted to be with her. So she came back for herself. If she ever said she came back because of Callie, that would be fine. But to…

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Callie and Arizona’s therapist better be ready

We are the therapist. The therapist is us.

She is “Wait hold up let’s go back and talk about Africa and the pregnancy. We can get to the car crash, Callie almost dying, Sofia almost dying, Tim’s death, Lucia’s disowning, Nick dying, the plane crash, Mark dying, the broken promise, the amputation, the blame, the guilt, the verbal abuse, the buying of a hospital, the miscarriage, the cheating, the affair with an intern, the malpractice suit, the robotic leg, the HR complaint, the bandaid baby, the fellowship…AFTER lunch”.

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Calzona living in the same house and not having sex for 30 days? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! :D


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